Research Station

The field research station is inactive at this time. It is currently being restored and evaluated for appropriate future use. In Spring 2014, we will be announcing our plans for support of research at this and other locations.

The Field Research Station, situated amid the coastal redwoods near Gazos Creek, includes a lodge, two classrooms and twenty small cabins and is an outstanding and beautiful place for outdoor education programs.


Our goal is to create a self-supporting environmental education center that offers practical classes in sustainable natural resource management and environmental restoration and provides the Pescadero area community with information on natural resources and land restoration.

Education Programs

Our education programs provide young people and adults with opportunities to develop skills for the sustainable management of the community's natural environment. We integrate educational activities with real life projects in environmental research, land stewardship, and community cooperation.

Research Station Use

The Research Station at Gazos Creek will be available to academic researchers, their students, and visiting scholars.

Operational Status

The Research Station is not open at this time. Please contact us for additional information.