History of the Station

From the 1870's until the early 1960's, the property around the present-day Field Research Station was logged by at least two lumber companies. The pond that you see as you drive into the facility was the logging millpond. The large meadow below the pond was the site of the mill. The entire watershed was clearcut several times during this ninety-year period. Today, the regrowth of the forest is an elegant and inspiring testimony to nature's resilient power.

The PCA Field Research Station was formerly known as The Mountain Camp, a wonderful camp for children from 1965 to 1989 run by Chuck Taylor and his wife Margaret. Over 10,000 children enjoyed this camp during those summers. Today, we are delighted to include Margaret on the PCA Board of Directors.

In the 1990's the camp fell on hard times and after several changes in ownership, was purchased by the Sempervirens Fund. PCA began a lease with the Sempervirens Fund in June of 2000 to rehabilitate the buildings, restore the surrounding lands and develop environmental programs suitable for this stunning natural environment. The California Department of Parks has recently acquired the site and has allowed us to continue the lease arrangements

The Field Research Station at Gazos Creek is a beautiful place, with 20 small cabins, two classrooms and a lodge surrounded by tall redwood and fir trees. The north and south forks of Gazos Creek flow on either side of the facility. The south fork has a lovely waterfall. Both the sounds of nature, and the silence at night are magnificent.