Our Mission

The Pescadero Conservation Alliance is devoted to restoring the ecological health of the San Mateo coast. Our Field Research Station at Gazos Creek fosters hands-on restoration, research and education in the practice of environmental stewardship.

Our Future

The next six months is a time of "Revival" for PCA. We are building a new strategic approach and plan that we hope to unveil by Spring of 2014. This includes Program development in our three key focus areas of Restoration, Research and Education, as well as limited renovation of our Field Research Station for specialized use.

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What We're Doing

Upcoming Events

Volunteers welcome September 20, 2014 10AM - 4PM for our Monthly Saturday Workparty. Starting at the Mountain Camp we will work our way downstream and along Gazos Creek Road collecting and removing trash as we go. Please join us to help walk and view Gazos creek as we photograph its condition, pick up trash and clear out invasive plants. We’ll have tools, bags and supplies, and a pickup truck to pick up the bags and heavy stuff. We’ll work out bringing people back to camp for their cars. Here are the details.

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How You Can Help

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Contributions in 2014 will go toward Program Implementation and research efforts. Every dollar helps.

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PCA is building an Advisory Committee with educators, scientists and community members to help in Program Development and Implementation, event leadership and fund raising. We welcome volunteers for this or various other support efforts.

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